Jackson Alumni Network (JAN) is an alumni-run association of Jackson..

Jackson Alumni Network (JAN) is an alumni-run association of Jackson College of Education (JCE) that seeks to create a collaborative platform for past students of JCE to network and enhance their professional development. 

Its membership comprises registered past students of Jackson College of Education (JCE) from all year groups and programmes who love to apply the theoretical aspect of their academic work to solve practical problems in Education.

PAST STUDENT OF JCE: An individual who completed JCE.

ALUMNI OF JCE: A past student registered with JAN having a unique identification number.

The group currently has three (3) units, namely: JAN – Northern Belt, JAN – Middle  Belt and JAN – Southern Belt


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To bring together all alumni of Jackson College of Education in an attempt to empower, enhance and enlighten them in personal, professional, community and national development.


To create a platform for alumni participation in national development through social intervention and appropriate exposure to educational innovation, such as educational technology as well as professional development.


  • Innovation
  • Problem-solving-oriented / Critical Thinkers
  • Integrity 
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Employability 


In order to achieve the mission and vision of the association, the goals and objectives of JAN are therefore:

  1. To develop the skill set of JAN members through exposure to opportunities both in JEC and other relevant institutions.
  2. To provide guidance and counselling for Alumni, especially in career,
  3. To encourage Continuous Professional Development amongst Alumni.
  4. To equip members with adequate practical knowledge in Education while inspiring the do-it-yourself spirit to help them solve problems in their various communities.
  5. To inspire members to take up challenges in our communities, solving their immediate problems to improve their standard of living.


In order to achieve the set-out goals and objectives, JAN operations focus on certain areas:

  1. Educating and designing societal-impact projects through solving local problems.
  2. Educational and social outreach programs
  3. Workshops and conferences. 
  4. Community Research
  5. Partnership and collaboration
  6. Training programs


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