NOTICE TO ALUMNI All alumni of Jackson College of Education..


All alumni of Jackson College of Education (JCE) who have not collected their certificates from the College are hereby notified to report to the Head Office for their Certificates. Alumni who fall in this category are, also, being informed that they would pay a penalty of GH₵50.00 for every year that the certificate has been in the possession of the College since the year of graduation.

All affected alumni are, however, urged to fulfil all financial obligations and clearances in order to collect their certificates from the College.



Things you need to access the JEC Alumni Portal:
1. Index Number
2. The Phone Number given to the Head Office during the collection of certificate
3. Passport Picture

Every graduate who graduated with the 2016 batch is mandated to register on the Alumni Portal.

From there, when details are successfully saved onto the Online System, the Teacher Registered Number can be displayed only if you have satisfied the following:
i) Posted by GES
ii) Paid all fees owed the College
iii) Paid fee for teacher registered number

The procedure of registration and receiving Teacher Registered Number

1. Visit alumni.jackson.edu.gh
2. Enter your Index Number.
3. If successful in step 2, Enter the phone number you gave to the Head Office during certificate collection.
4. If successful in step 3, a Login Code shall be sent to the phone number you entered in a text message from JEC. Enter the code to gain access into the Alumni Portal.
5. Proceed to fill out the form presented to you stage by stage by clicking the Next button.
6. Click the Submit button at the final stage to complete your registration.
7. You will then be sent to the page which will display your Teacher Registered Number.


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