How to Apply

To apply online for admission into the 2021/2022 Academic Year, purchase..

To apply online for admission into the 2021/2022 Academic Year, purchase an E-voucher at One Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHS150.00). The E-voucher contains the Applicant Number and PIN with which you can access the admission portal to begin your online application.

You can purchase an E-voucher through any of the following means:


E-vouchers can be purchased at securepay.jackson.edu.gh

(b) BANK

E-vouchers can be purchased at any branch of the following banks, nationwide.

adb eco GCB sinapi

E-vouchers can again be purchased through Mobile Money (MTN or AirtelTigo) by following the steps below.

mobile money mobile money
  1. Call the JEC Admission Office on 020 126 0290, 054 505 1182 or 054 0104 952 and inform the Admission Officer of your intention to purchase an E-voucher.
  2. When given the go-ahead, send the money to either 024 179 9843 (MTN) or 026 689 9495 (AirtelTigo) in multiples of GHS 150.00, depending on the number of E-vouchers you wish to buy.
  3. Call the Admission Office again to confirm receipt of the money sent by providing the Merchant’s Company Name/Subscriber’s Name and Telephone Number through which the money was sent.
  4. With the payment received at the JEC Head Office, provide the Admission Officer with your Name and the Telephone Number on which you wish to receive the Applicant Number and PIN via SMS.


  1. Log on to www.admissions.jackson.edu.gh
  2. Select Start Application
  3. Enter the Applicant Number and PIN
  4. Carefully complete and submit the Online Application Form
  5. Print the Online Application Confirmation Letter

The institution ONLY accepts online applications, hence this sample application form only serves to provide you with the prerequisite information and documents you will need to successfully apply online.

Please Note the Following Carefully

  1. You can save an uncompleted form and later log in to complete your application.
  2. You will be required to upload soft copies of your recent passport picture and all result slips/certificates you used to apply.
  3. Ensure that your passport picture is taken against a white background. The picture should be in JPEG format with the size not exceeding 50KB. Your face should be fully exposed with both ears visible; scarfs, caps, veils, etc. are strictly not allowed.
  4. Exercise great care in completing the application form. Be particularly careful with the presentation of your name, examination grades and contact details as any error may lead to the rejection of your application or inability to reach you.
  5. Record and keep your Applicant Number and PIN, and the printed Online Application Confirmation Letter in a safe place. You will need them to check your Admission Status online from 31st December 2021.
  6. An application CANNOT be edited after the deadline has elapsed.

Deadline for ONLINE submission of forms is Friday, 17th December 2021.

For further enquiries, please call our Admissions hotlines on: +233 (0)20 126 0290, +233 (0)54 010 4949, +233 (0)54 505 1182, +233 (0)26 816 2362

You can also email us at [email protected]

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